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Orot HaTorah  


The Written and Oral Torah 


We receive the Written Torah by means of the most exalted and encompassing aspects of our souls.  


We utilize the deepest, most concealed and elevated aspects of our soul in order to grasp the prophetic content found in Scripture.  


From within the Written Torah we can feel the crystal clear beauty of the totality of the living light of all existence.  


When we study the Written Torah, we can feel how it expresses a crystal clear weltanschauung that encompasses existence in its entirety.  


Through it we soar above all logic and intellect. We feel the supernal spirit of God hovering above us, touching yet not touching, soaring above our lives and illuminates them with its light.  


By means of studying the Written Torah, we are lifted from the ground, gaining a birds-eye-view which is beyond common human thought. We feel how we are illuminated with a divine light that reaches above our lives and elevates us.  

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